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LDS Open Thread: Day Two (10/5)

Yesterday's games were a little lopsided. Hopefully we'll get some games today that are more competitive (although the Padres and Angels did make it a little closer late yesterday).

It's another day with funny schedules. The Padres and Cardinals are off today (I suppose as some sort of repayment for their early start yesterday). The Yankees and Angels don't get under way until 10 PM Eastern (but they're playing out West). I suppose that's better than the (effectively) 10 AM start that the Padres had yesterday.

Here are today's matchups:
4:09 - Astros (Pettitte) vs. Braves (Hudson) -- Game 1, Series 0-0
7:09 - Red Sox (Wells) vs. White Sox (Buehrle) -- Game 2, White Sox lead 1-0
10:09 - Yankees (Chacon) vs. Angels (Lackey) -- Game 2, Yankees lead 1-0