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Post-Season Memories

As most of you know, I'm anything but a Cubs fan. That said, my two favorite Cubs (although one isn't a player) are Greg Maddux and George Will (that's independent of the politics - I just like the perspective he brings to baseball).

Will sat down with Baseball America's Alan Schwarz to talk about all sorts of topics (Baseball America subscription required - but we're coming into the offseason, so that's something to think about it - if you don't already subscribe). This account from Will really stuck with me:

AS: What has been the worst moment for you as a Cubs fan?

GW: Losing Game Six of the Marlins playoff in 2003--the Bartman Game. Game Seven was an afterthought. The man who should love Bartman and put him in his will is the Cubs' shortstop--Alex Gonzalez. No one remembers that Gonzalez dropped a double-play groundball the same inning. I remember walking out of Wrigley Field and someone saying, "Mr. Will, we'll get 'em tomorrow." I said, "not a chance."

That's just so great. 2003 wasn't that long ago, but we'll all remember Game 6 of the NLCS for the rest of our lives.