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The Season

The New York Post's Mike Vaccaro had a nice story yesterday reminding us all how much we should appreciate those special seasons when they come along.

As a fan, all it takes is one championship to justify everything you put into the chore of being a fan. All the raw emotions, all the heartaches, all the time you invest, all the sleep you forfeit staying up for West Coast games, all the times you spend checking the Internet for score updates (or, back in the day, all the times you flooded SportsPhone with panicked calls).

All you really want is one payoff.

All you want is The Season.

As Marlins fans, we've had two of those seasons in the past decade. Since the 1994 strike, only the Yankees have won more titles than the Fish. Even though it was only two years ago, 2003 may seem like it was a long time ago. We should still be savoring it though. Fans of a lot of teams would trade places.