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Ichthyomancy Champions

Now that the season is over we can finally name Ichthyomancy Champions for the 2005 season.

Carolina wins the overall/season long contest. Double B stayed close throughout the year, by sticking with starting pitching, but Carolina's attendance picks and occasional luck with a Lowell home run put her over the top.

Fishfan would have likely kept himself in the race a little longer if it were not for that silly thing called school.

In the second half race, StrandedX02 made a late charge and won the whole thing. Had he played all year, I'm sure he would have given Carolina a run for her money.

Speaking of money, our ichthyomancy prizes are not monetary. But we do have something in the way of prizes. Please contact me with your mailing address and we'll send you the contents of our official FishStripes' box-o-prizes (which mainly consists of Marlins giveaway items from throughout the season). A donation will also be made, in your name, to the human fund.