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How do you follow Hendrix?

I am reminded of an animated movie I saw once.  It was about a band trying to make the big time and their agent scheduled them on a rock show.  The agent pulled some strings and they were the last act to perform.  The band was waiting in the wings getting ready to go on when the lead singer noticed who was performing right before them, it was Jimi Hendrix.  The lead singer looked at the agent and said something to the effect of "We have to follow Hendrix, what were you thinking?"

Mike did a fantastic job starting this site from scratch.  He built a community of wonderful individuals each providing their own unique contributions.  I am happy to say I got to be part of it.  He brought us insight, humor and above all he became a friend.  I hope Mike is not gone from the site for any length of time. even a day.  That said we may have to study the movies "The Road Warrior" and "Gumball Rally" in order to get him some gas so he can survive.

The bar is set incredibly high and I am not sure I can reach those heights but embarrassing myself trying is not beneath me.

<Hendrix is performing the last measure of "Watch Tower".  The fans are screaming while holding lighters in the air>

"Now get in there boy and make them forget about Hendrix."  Yeah right - like that's gonna happen.