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Dennis Martinez Wants In

As you watched the White Sox celebrate last night, you probably noticed Sox' coaches like Ozzie Guillen and Joey Cora, who are bilingual.

So far, the Marlins staff isn't long on bilingual coaches. But with a team as diverse as the White Sox, it would probably be a good idea for the Fish to bring in some Spanish-speaking coaches. From all the rumblings we've heard in recent weeks, it seems that one of the biggest issues the Marlins had last season was communication.

Dennis Martinez, whose name I have not heard connected with any Marlins' opening, says this:

There's a need for Spanish-speaking coaches out there, and we haven't seen any Spanish-speaking pitching coaches.

Why is it important to have Spanish-speaking pitching coaches? Well, there are a lot of Spanish-speaking pitchers. There are even more Spanish-speaking players. Most of these players, who typically reside in their native countries during the offseason, speak English only during the season - if at all. Teams need to adapt and communicate effectively with these players.

Major League Baseball is about winning, not winning in English. The Yankees are learning that the hard way - and the White Sox may have just taught them that lesson (courtesy of Jose Contreras). The Marlins shouldn't need to be taught the same thing.

Maybe Martinez isn't the right guy. I really don't know. I agree with his sentiment though. And I've seen enough of the (usually) old, (always) white guy club in the Marlins dugout.