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Pierre Trade Rumor

SB Nation sister-site Bleed Cubbie Blue reports:

The Cubs have been offered Juan Pierre in trade from the Marlins. Florida wants Corey Patterson and Rich Hill in return, and the Cubs are hesitating because they don't want to give up Hill.

This is wrong thinking, in my mind. The Cubs need a leadoff man. Pierre fits the bill. Hill may become a decent major league pitcher, but in 2005 he looked overmatched. I'd do this deal.

This trade doesn't excite me. Acquiring Patterson doesn't solve anything for the Marlins. And quite frankly, as good as Rich Hill guy might be, I doubt he's better than Olsen, Vargas, Johnson, Tankersley, Ungs, and everyone else in the Marlins' farm system.

Time will tell. We're in for an interesting offseason.