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Reason for Optimism Regarding Delgado?

There isn't anything definitive yet about Carlos Delgado's future with the Marlins. Joe Girardi said as much yesterday.

I'm holding out hope though that this is a positive thing. Girardi was in high demand, at least from the Marlins and Devil Rays. Say what you will about the Rays, but they're on the rise. The team played well in the second half, their farm system is stocked, and their new owners seem to be primed to take the team in a new direction.

All of that has me thinking that Girardi has indications that a fire sale is not coming. He must think that Delgado is going to be around. That Willis and Cabrera are going to get long term deals.

Only time will tell, but that's what I'm hoping.

Maybe I'm being too optimistic though. From the looks of things at the press conference, Girardi had to offer up his first born in exchange for the manager position. There's a picture after the jump (click "read more") but I warn you, it's graphic.

Ok, so that's not so graphic. And the kid is probably passed out and not dead. Probably. But I still think it's funny. And that is a really unusual look on Mr. Loria's face.