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World Series Opener Eve - Open Thread Without Ichthyomancy (10/21)

Hurricane Wilma continues to pound the Yucatan, which only drags out the wait for those of us in Florida. That takes a little of the fun out of the Hurricane Party, but it's still up and running.

For the second day and a row, which is the longest drought since last offseason, there is no baseball today. Luckily, and as is always the case around these parts, there's plenty of outstanding content to fill your time. As just one example, Craig posted some audio of Wiggins being Wiggins - just not the kind of Wiggins you would expect.

Feel free to use this open thread to talk about the upcoming World Series, Hurricane Wilma, stock tips, Bob Dylan, or anything else.

In addition to that, there's a cool new poll up at ESPN: you can rank the World Series of the past 20 years. As of when I voted, the Marlins were ranked in 7th and 10th. How the 1997 Series, in particular, is ranked so low, I don't understand (well - that it included the Indians and Marlins doesn't help in terms of popularity). The 2001 D'backs - Yankees series is winning, and it's tough to argue with that. That series didn't involve the best team from the past 20 years, but it was certainly more memorable, and more recent than the 1991 series.