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Marlins Coaching Staff Rumors

Various names are floating around for new members of Joe Girardi's coaching staff. Some of the names most commonly heard include:

Don Zimmer (bench coach)
Mel Stottlemyre (pitching coach)
Mark Wiley (incumbent pitching coach)
Andres Galarraga (hitting coach)
Don Baylor (bench/hitting coach)

I'm sure there are others, but those are the ones that I'm hearing the most.

There are some different ways to go there. Adding Zimmer and/or Stottlemyre adds a wealth of experience and championship rings. However, it doesn't do much to address the lack of a Spanish-speaking communicator. Although much of the Marlins' pitching staff is composed of native English speakers, one indirect knock on Stottlemyre is how Jose Contreras has flourished with the White Sox. Much of the credit for Contreras' resurgence has been given to Ozzie Guillen. Contreras has noted that he has been much more comfortable in Chicago than he was in New York because he can converse with a handful of his coaches in Spanish.

For that reason, I think Galarraga would be an interesting choice for the Marlins. No, he's not very experienced. He's also not far removed from his playing days (and that's a good thing). That will likely translate well to the players. Possibly most importantly, so will the fact that he is bilingual.

My ideal staff would include Galarraga as hitting coach, Zimmer as bench coach, and Wiley as pitching coach. Stottlemyre would be fine, but I'm assuming that Wiley will come significantly cheaper.

As much as I dislike him personally, someone like Dennis Martinez, who has expressed interest in getting back into the game, would also be an interesting candidate for a pitching coach. I just haven't seen his name circulated as a potential candidate. There must be others like Martinez out there (with relative youth and a wealth of MLB experience), but I don't know of any who have thrown their names into the mix.