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World Series Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Game 3 (10/25)

Game Three 8:38 - White Sox (Garland) at Astros (Oswalt) -- White Sox lead 2-0

Note the later start time. I'm 99% sure that 8:38 is the absolute correct time for the first pitch. Tune in earlier if you want to see/hear the pre-game. I'd like to go to a bar or find a television somewhere to watch the game, but in all likelihood (especially if there's a curfew again) I'll be listening on the radio at home.

Another great pitching matchup, but on paper (at least), this one strongly favors the Astros. Luckily for the White Sox, baseball games aren't played on paper - they're played by little men inside of your television (and/or computer).

Tonight marks the first ever World Series game in Houston. Actually, it's the first-ever World Series game in the state of Texas. I'm sure that wherever he is, Joe Morgan, a one-time Astro, is estatic.

If you're worried that Ozzie Guillen, despite having coached for the Braves and Marlins, won't be prepared to manage a game under NL rules, there's no reason to fear (regarding his DH-less lineup):

"I made it out last night," he shot back. "Drunk."

Sweet. Am I the only person who realized that we've never seen Wiggins and Ozzie in the same place at the same time? Hhhmmm...

The only downside to the World Series is that Tim McCarver, who is an awful announcer, is a part of it. If you think he is too, you might like this site.

As always, the playoffs wouldn't be the same without ichthyomancy (if you haven't been playing but would like to start, feel free to start now - we'll just add your name to the table):

Person CWS @ HOU Player AAB
Carolina White Sox Konerko Garland: CG
Craig Astros Lamb Astros: 3 HR in Boxes
Double B
Jsprt05 White Sox Garland 0 homers