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World Series Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Game 1 (10/22)

Game One 8:03 - Astros (Clemens) at White Sox (Contreras)

In all likelihood, this won't turn out to be the most watched World Series of all-time. Despite including teams from the country's 3rd (Chicago) and 4th (Houston) largest cities, there just isn't the nationwide interest that there is when the Red Sox or Yankees participate in the World Series.

That's unfortunate, because this looks like it will be a great series. These two franchises have waited a long time to reach the World Series - the Sox have waited since 1959. The Astros have waited for their entire existence..

In addition to the two teams have waited a long time for this day and it seems like we'll get everything we could hope for. There's an all-time great starting for the Astros, in what could be his last season - and more than likely his last World Series. The White Sox start a pitcher who's been as solid as anyone in baseball since the All-Star break.

Another curiosity is the hobbled star of each team. Frank Thomas won't play for the Sox, but Jeff Bagwell will likely DH. Not only are both men likely to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame one day, but both are very similar (check out their stats and accolades). Not only were they born on the same day (May 27, 1968), they are one career home run apart from each other. Both Bagwell and Thomas are the face of their franchise. We'll be hearing a lot about them during this series, even though they won't be directly affecting much on the field.

In all likelihood, we should be in for a well pitched, low scoring, close series.

The only downside to the World Series is that Tim McCarver, who is an awful announcer, is a part of it. If you think he is too, you might like this site.

As always, the playoffs wouldn't be the same without ichthyomancy (if you haven't been playing but would like to start, feel free to start now - we'll just add your name to the table). Make your picks and enjoy the World Series!

Person HOU @ STL Player AAB
Craig Astros Lamb Lamb: 2 HR
Double B
Fishfan24 Astros Lidge Total Runs < 6
Jsprt05 White Sox Konerko Clemens: 4 IP, 6 R