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LCS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy - 10/19

UPDATE: The Marlins have hired Joe Girardi as their new manager.

UPDATE PART TWO:Normally we don't bump the open thread to the second listing on the page, but the Hurricane Party takes precendent over just about anything.

The more you watch ESPN, the more likely you are to think that the Astros might as well not show up at Busch Stadium tonight. As they tell it on the sports leader, Albert Pujols' homer on Monday night was really the end of the Astros season and the beginning of it all for the Cardinals.

I'm not buying it. Granted, Pujols homer was huge - both in how much distance it traveled and in the impact it's had on the series. But this is still the Astros series to lose, even though it's in St. Louis. Maybe the Astros won't clinch tonight, but you've got to like a team's chances when they start Roy Oswalt tonight and Roger Clemens tomorrow.

Oswalt is the only pitcher in the majors to have won 20 games this season and last. That doesn't suck. Roger Clemens is... well, Roger Clemens. You could start anyone you want against those two and I'd be comfortable picking the Astros to win. Also working against the Cardinals is that none of the first ten pitchers I'd pick to start such a big game will start game 6 or a potential game 7 for them.

This series is far from decided, but for those of us without a vested interest, it should be a lot of fun. Hopefully those who have a vested interest in it are still having a lot of fun with it. Exciting LCSs involving your team don't come around very often.

Tonight's matchup:
NL 8:20 - Astros (Oswalt) at Cardinals (Mulder) -- Astros lead 3-2

Before I forget: since the ALCS is over, we get a break from Tim McCarver, who is an awful announcer. If you think he is too, you might like this site. If you're a Timmy fan though, don't worry - he'll be back for the World Series.

Tonight's matchup:

And the playoffs wouldn't be complete without ichthyomancy:

Person HOU @ STL Player AAB
Carolina Cardinals Pujols Biggio: 2 HBP
Craig Astros Ausmus Ausmus: HR hits fair pole
Double B
Fishfan24 Astros Oswalt Manager ejection
Jsprt05 Cardinals Eckstein Oswalt: 5+ R