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Latino Legends

The Miami Herald has a new poll where they're asking people to select a team of Latino Legends. This idea isn't exactly new. In fact, the Herald is competing pretty much directly with MLB, which will unveil a fan-voted Latino Legends team of their own next week before Game 4 of the World Series.

Quite honestly, it seems that the Herald is using the same list if only to "scoop" MLB by unveiling their team next Wednesday morning before baseball unveils their list that night. The options are pretty much the same (although there has been criticsm from a number of sources that the list is nowhere near complete).

If you're interested, take a minute to vote. The online list looks a little different to me than what I saw in print (I would have sworn that Livan Hernandez was a candidate). The form is also a little unusual. But the idea is cool.

There are a number of candidates with Marlins ties, including: Ivan Rodriguez, Bobby Bonilla, Moises Alou, and Armando Benitez.