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HURRICANE PARTY!!! This Time It's Wilma

NOTE: The Hurricane Party continues. Due to changes in the storm's path, Wilma is still as far away (time-wise) as she was yesterday. Such a typical woman. Regardless, we've bumped the non-gameday open thread to second place on the page so that we can continue to focus on the Hurricane Party.

As has become our tradition here at FishStripes, it's time for another Hurricane Party. Yes, it's a little morbid. No, it's not the most PC thing to do. But many of us live through these hurricanes (and hurricane scares) on a regular basis (at least those of us who are in Florida or have family in Florida - even those of us who just follow the Marlins).

In light of all that--especially with all the hysteria around town and on the news--we could use a little escape from it all. So we're having a Hurricane Party.

Jsprt is in charge of the plates (since I think he begrudgingly dished out that task to someone else last time).

Carolina is in charge of the food.

Wiggins is in charge of the music.

In case anyone gets hurt, Fishfan will patch you up.

Craig and I are here to drink. We have no responsibilities other than to drink and drink heavily.

Oh - and we need a topic: Leave a comment about your favorite World Series (or post-season if your team has never reached the World Series) moment. It can be something that you witnessed live, one that you watched, or something that you read about. Anything works really.

Enjoy the Hurricane Party!