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May not have long to wait

The Marlins are in hurry to name the next manager but the decision must be made by Saturday of this week or it has to wait until after the World Series.  Bud Selig has a policy against making major announcements during the World Series.

Joe Girardi is of course the front runner in the contest but say Girardi for some reason decides he doesn't want to be skipper of the Marlins then who is the first runner-up?

If you read the reports coming out from the various news organizations it is as muddled as can be.

(Ron) Hassey is now thought in some quarters to be the second choice of the Marlins, who are looking to replace the ousted Jack McKeon. Yankees coach Joe Girardi is the Marlins' current desire, but Girardi has other options.

You remember him, he was the manager of the Carolina Mudcats  last year and was bench coach for the Seattle Mariners in 2005.  

But there seems to be one problem with this analysis, don't you think that if he is indeed the number two man the club might want to, say, interview him.

I haven't talked to anyone from the Marlins," Hassey said Monday. "But they know I have interest. I haven't kept that a secret."

To approach Hassey, the Marlins would have to get permission from the Mariners, whose GM, Bill Bavasi, won't comment when asked if permission has been requested.

"I think they haven't asked, because I think I would have heard about it," Hassey said. "Frankly, I'm a little disappointed that there hasn't been interest.

I don't know who is the number two candidate.  It could be Hassey but if it is, the club is going about this in rather peculiar way.

Best I can tell the only managerial candidate to be contacted twice is Girardi, all the others have not heard back from the club.

This leads me to believe that if there is an announcement by Saturday about the new manager it will be Girardi.