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LCS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy - 10/17

I don't particularly care who wins the NLCS. But since the ALCS is over, I think it behooves all of us (possibly except for Craig - who has some Astros ties) to cheer for the Cardinals tonight. If the Cardinals can't manage a win tonight, there won't be any baseball until Saturday. Speaking just for myself, I'd like to see as much baseball as possible between now and Saturday - just so that there's baseball to watch.

Since the ALCS is over, we get a break from Tim McCarver, who is an awful announcer. If you think he is too, you might like this site. If you're a Timmy fan though, don't worry - he'll be back for the World Series.

Tonight's matchup:

NL - 8:20: Cardinals (Carpenter) at Astros (Pettitte) -- Astros lead 3-1

Despite my "more baseball" wishes, the Astros will go for the clinch tonight. A win gives the Astros their first trip to the World Series.

I'm really surprised at the results (so far) of the poll. I suppose our voters aren't a random sample of the population, as I expected more of an outcry for the Yankees/Red Sox in the World Series. But I suppose on this site, whether you've adopted a team that's in the playoffs or not, we're fans of a small market/budget team and part of that fandom involves not cheering for the likes of the Yankees and Red Sox.

And the playoffs wouldn't be complete without ichthyomancy:

Person STL @ HOU Player AAB
Carolina Cardinals Pujols Total of 6 runs
Craig Astros Bagwell Astros: 2 Squeeze Plays
Double B
Fishfan24 Astros Carpenter Carpenter: ND
Jsprt05 Cardinals Carpenter Cards: H = Carp Ks