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Clearing out the Bookmarks

Much like the clutter of my everyday life, my bookmarks have just followed suit.  While I seem helpless to exorcise the clutter in real life the same is not true of my bookmarks.  So much like a yard sale I am putting my saved crap on display.  Don't you feel lucky?

Here is a really nice guide of the Arizona Fall League.  If you have any interest at all in the AFL check it out.

According to if the Marlins hire Joe Girardi as manager there is a good chance that Mel Stottlemyre will be the next pitching coach for the Fish.

This next one probably deserves to be presented in a better manner but unfortunately I don't have the time for that at the moment.  It is an online article about the playoffs, money and other things.  I will present a short excerpt of the Bobby Cox interview.

Baseball's last three champions arrived as wild cards - the 2004 Red Sox, 2003 Marlins and 2002 Angels - and the Astros could sustain the streak after riding superior pitching past the Braves.

Bobby Cox, the Atlanta manager, sees logic in the pattern. "Because," he said, "if you're a wild card, you're as good as the other teams that won, I'm sure. You may have had injuries during the course of the season and been without players a good part of it and then got hot. So, you could put Florida in these playoffs right now against any team and they could beat any team."

I'm not sure about that, I mean, A-Train is in Idaho and he seems to be a little preoccupied.

Jeff Cox is probably considered the front runner to take over for John Russell as third base coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Cox is great at waving to the fans but be sure to remind him to point  where your gold glover should slide into third.  He forgets to do that on occasion but other than the rare mental lapse, he's good.