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LCS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy - 10/16

Big games today. The White Sox have a chance to clinch tonight in Anaheim. The Astros have a chance to take a decisive lead in their series, but the banged-up Cardinals have a chance to tie it up.

It's not clear whether Reggie Sanders or Abraham Nunez will be able to go today for the Cardinals. They need at least one, if not both, of those guys. Aside from both guys being key contributors to the Cardinals all year, this is the playoffs - not the regular season. The Cardinals can't just dig into their minor leagues to replace Sanders or Nunez. If either player can't go, the Cards bench is that much shorter.

I'm confused about the start times. Everything I'm reading says 4 for the early game and 7:30 for the late game, but I'm pretty sure that's just when the television coverage starts.

Here's today's matchup:

NL - 4:30: Cardinals (Suppan) at Astros (Backe)
AL - 8:15: White Sox (Contreras) at Angels (Byrd)

We're subjected, once again, to Tim McCarver. Tim McCarver is an awful announcer. If you think he is too, you might like this site.

And the playoffs wouldn't be complete without ichthyomancy:

Person STL @ HOU CHW @ LAA Player AAB
Carolina Cardinals White Sox Konerko Cotts: 1 scoreless inning
Double B
Craig Astros White Sox Ensberg Astros: 5 2B
Jsprt05 Cardinals White Sox Pujols Crede: involved in clinching out