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LCS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy - 10/12

It's day two of the LCS and the National League joins the party today.

I hope that your cable/satellite package includes FX, because you may need it tonight to get the game you want to watch. Both games start at the same time (8:20). One will be on your local FOX station. The other will be on FX. For those of you in Miami, FOX has the NL and FX has the AL.

Here's today's matchup:

AL - 8:20: Angels (Washburn) at White Sox (Buehrle)
NL - 8:20: Astros (Pettitte) at Cardinals (Carpenter)

It's a big game tonight for the White Sox. Going back to LA down 2 games is not something they want to face. Washburn's story will be an intersting one, as he likely should just be in bed because he's sick. If he does well tonight, it could be shades of Jordan in the Finals against the Jazz.

In the NL we get a great pitching matchup. Amazingly, due to injuries, these two stars weren't involved in last year's classic NLCS.

And the playoffs wouldn't be complete without ichthyomancy:

Person LAA @ CHW HOU @ STL Player AAB
Carolina White Sox Astros Biggio 3HR in AL game
Double B
Craig White Sox Astros Berkman Astros: 5 SB
Dex White Sox Astros Pujols: 3 IBB
Fishfan24 White Sox Cardinals Pujols Anderson: 0-4, 2K, 1BB
Jsprt05 White Sox Cardinals Dye W'burn: <= 5 IP, >= 5 R