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Marlins on Baseball-Reference

I spend quite a bit of time over at Baseball Reference. It's a web site that I really love. As of a few days ago, they've updated their stats to include the 2005 season. Check out the Marlins here.

There are a few things that jumped out at me. First and foremost was Miguel Cabrera's 10 most similar batters through age 22. Five of the top six are Hall of Famers - Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson, Orlando Cepeda, Mickey Mantle, and Joe Medwick. The only non-HoFer in the top 6 is Tony Conigliaro, who's Hall-worthy career was derailed by a freak injury. Other luminaries in Cabrera's top 10 are Ken Griffey Jr. and Albert Pujols. That's pretty heady company.

On the flipside, I was saddened to see Dontrelle Willis's comparables. Ramon Martinez and Britt Burns lead the list (through age 23).

It also jumped out at me that Willis has earned less than $1 million in his major league career. When you consider that the Yankees left pitchers who earned over $45 million in 2005 salary off of their playoff roster, it's simply amazing that the A-Train has earned so little.