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Marlins' Notes

Rumors are flying that an offer may already be on the table to Joe Girardi. The alleged second meeting with Loria and Beinfest has not yet taken place. But now that the Girardi's season with the Yankees is over, that could be set up sometime soon. It seems that a number of teams have jumped into the Girardi fray, so if he's really the Marlins man, it may be a good idea to act quickly.

Over at Beyond the Boxscore there's a nice piece up about what A.J. Burnett is really worth.

Courtesy of Fish Chunks, I found this story. Now there may be someone in town who wants to own the Marlins and who can afford to. We've seen folks who were one or the other in this town, but never anyone who was both at the same time.

Contrary to the first rumor (mentioned above), some are saying that it may take awhile until the Fish name a new manager. It has less to do with the candidates than it has to do with what 2006 is going to look like. Mr. Loria hasn't set a budget yet. Once that happens, the manager vacancy should shake out and we should start to get an idea of what the team will look like (i.e. contenders or not).