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Baseball as Brain Diversion

So... say you've had a bad week.

Just suppose that things have not gone the way you would like, and life is bringing you down.  Work, family, people in general, your future career... hell - the WORLD has seemingly disappointed you and, frankly, pissed you off.

Your (briefly) adopted baseball team has been swept away.

Your fantasy football team has decided to crap the bed.

Say that all of this has happened, and you are ready to beat the living snot out of the next person that crosses your path.

And then...

And then you are presented with the miracle of baseball.  

Eighteen innings of pure gold from Houston.  Are you kidding me?  By the eighth I was calling friends to make sure they were watching.  By the twelfth I was cancelling plans for the evening.

...and I didn't even care about that series!

Even though I was disappointed with the result from the late game (most conspicuously, the winning pitcher - I won't print it here, but his first inital is 'F'), it was still a great game to watch.  The day all together restored my faith in humanity and my good humor in general.  

It is amazing what a good day of playoff baseball can do for the soul, no?  

Let's hope there is more to come!

... and let's hope that next year we can root for the Marlins while we drink in the playoff atmosphere.