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Loria Gives Interview; Says Nothing

When I saw that Jeffrey Loria had done an interview with the Herald (in today's paper), I was all excited. I thought Loria might give us some insight about where things were headed. Unfortunately, by the time I finished with the article, I was disappointed because Loria didn't say much at all.

Here are some "highlights from the article (text in quotation marks is from Mr. Loria):

"We had an excellent season," he said. "It's not a great ending, but it was a great season until the last two weeks. The season was not a disappointment. It's just in the last two weeks, injuries hit us."

That's a nice a sentiment, but unfortunately it's not very true. The injuries late in the year were disappointing, but the way the team performed over the bulk of the season was (at least) equally disappointing.

On whether McKeon will return, Loria said: "He's going to make the decision, whatever he wants to do. We have a little more talking to do. We're waiting to hear what he wants to do." Asked if that meant McKeon can return if he wishes, Loria said: "I didn't say that."

I have no idea what that means. I stopped re-reading it (in an attempt to find the meaning) and just settled on the idea that Loria used a lot of words to effectively say "no comment". Actually, it would have been better if Loria had just left it at "no comment".

He said he has "not thought about" next year's team

Once again, I am really encouraged by this statement. I'm not sure how Loria resisted the urge to throw in a "get your 2006 season seats" comment after this gem. Maybe he hasn't thought about that either

Loria said he knew nothing about a suggestion to build a stadium that would serve as a hurricane shelter.

Is the man oblivious? I don't get it. We've all known about this hurricane shelter plan for awhile now. How can he not know?

Asked how much money the franchise would lose this season, he said, "If I tell you, I'll end up on the ground, horizontally. It's not pretty. I've been doing it for four years."

Such a colorful answer. It's almost good enough to distract you from the fact that it's likely an outright lie. Barry Jackson, the article's author, failed to follow up with a question about why Loria wasn't publicly pushing for an IPO if he's so strapped for cash.