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Not for the Ages: the Kimbo Slice Retrospective


A retrospective on the Kimbo Slice disaster that took down EliteXC, and what makes the sport of MMA so difficult to promote on its own.

UFC Fight Night: Alistair Overeem and Schadenfreud


UFC on Fox Sports 1 was a smashing success. A blistering night of action was followed up by a blistering collection of negativity as well, it seems.


Looking To the Future: Terrence Ross.

In a season where there was optimism and hope (something Raptor fans have not heard in a while), people thought this would be the year where they, after a long absence, be making a return into...

Marlins Need to Make a Tough Decision on Johnson

With the Miami Marlins likely to reduce payroll, thus decreasing the chances of contending in the 2013 season, the Marlins might be best off trading their ace, Josh Johnson, this off-season to fill...

Why I Don't Need a Baseball Boyfriend


Why the Baseball Boyfriend Fantasy Game Does Not Hit the Mendoza Line Two years and a month ago, I hopped on a plane to Florida to visit my brother, go to a Spring Training game, and visit my...

Poll: What 'problem' area should Chelsea address now?


Admit it, Chelsea have done some excellent business this summer. The fact that most of said business was done prior to the European Championships is that more impressive. But still, there are those...

The Evolution of 'Revolution'


In its simplest terms, a revolution requires equal parts dramatic change and rebellion. There's a tinge of insurrection inherent which defines the root of a revolution as damaging- a violent...

On Hazard, Hulk, Tactics, and Departures


Last year I took a week-long trip to Mexico in August, during which Chelsea snared the signature of one Juan Mata. This year, I took a four-day trip to Maui with my wife, only for Chelsea to...

Uli continues to talk nonsense ahead of UCL final


Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness was the son of a butcher. It makes sense, really, as the old man continues to butcher all standards of decency ahead of Saturday's Champions League final. Do...

FA Cup Recap: Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool


Joy. Winners Two days later, and I'm still high on life. I suppose it's a normal reaction to Chelsea's latest trophy, a fourth FA Cup in six seasons. Or maybe it's more a cathartic release of...

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