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Marlins rumors: Willing to trade pitching depth

The Miami Marlins are still looking for a third baseman for the 2014 season and potentially beyond. The team would not mind finding one via trade, and they would trade their prospect pitching depth...

Marlins' signings cripple lineup versus lefties

The Miami Marlins made a number of moves in free agency, but all of them have limited their options when it comes to facing left-handed pitching. How can the Fish turn around this situation?

Marlins trade Ruggiano to Cubs for Bogusevic

The Miami Marlins have whipped out yet another deal, as they sent Justin Ruggiano to the Chicago Cubs for outfielder Brian Bogusevic.

Morrison trade: Capps and justifying Jones signing

The Miami Marlins signed Garrett Jones to justify trading Logan Morrison, the only first baseman the team has ever known. Is Carter Capps enough justification to make that signing worthwhile?

Morrison trade: Open letter to Marlins fans

Logan Morrison knew for some time that he was on the trading block, so he had an open letter for Miami Marlins fans ready for when that time came.

Morrison trade: Small return for flawed player

The Miami Marlins got a decent reliever in return for the disappointing career of Logan Morrison. Carter Capps has some tools to make the return at least acceptable given Morrison's poor performance.

Morrison trade: Marlins trade away disappointment

The Miami Marlins pulled the trigger on a Logan Morrison trade, sending him to the Seattle Mariners for reliever Carter Capps. The return is small, but expected given Morrison's disastrous career.

Winter Meetings: Teams view Morrison in outfield?

Some of the teams involved in the ongoing Logan Morrison trade talks view him as an outfield option. The Miami Marlins can only benefit from that mistake.

2013 Winter Meetings: Would Mat Gamel be worth it?

With the Marlins pursuing a third baseman to fill out their improved infield, Fish Stripes' Dakota Schmidt takes a look at the history of Mat Gamel and looks at his possible role with the team.

2013 Winter Meetings: Miami Marlins Day 1 recap

The recap of the first day of the 2013 Winter Meetings for the Miami Marlins is filled with first baseman rumors, both trade-wise going out of and coming into Miami. Fish Stripes on Michael Morse,...

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