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Marlins up to their old tricks


The Marlins are attempting to boost attendance figures and increase profit by selling tickets for the season finale's no-hitter AFTER THE FACT!!!! I love my Marlins. Always worth a good laugh.

Goldberg spears some guy at Miami baseball game

Yeah, this guy is definitely gearing up for a return match at "WrestleMania XXX", right?

Ozzie Guillen suspended five games for 'I love Castro' comment. More than 'fag' punishment.


Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen got a five-game suspension for singing the praises of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Miami has a strong Cuban community and many of them are not big fans of...

New Miami Marlins uniform leaked...featuring a rainbow?


Apparently someone in Miami didn't learn the lesson of the Denver Nuggets. The latter featured one of the ugliest logos in sports for years, with a rainbow silhouette of the Denver skyline. Now the...

Miami Marlins Plagued by Lackluster Offense, Shoddy Pitching and Injuries in a Dismal 2012 Season


This article discusses the Miami Marlins' rollercoaster 2012 season. The team has fallen short of expectations because of a weak offense, shoddy pitching, and a boatload of injuries.

Fish Cap: Marlins 6, Phillies 2


EDITOR'S NOTE: Please welcome Sam Evans, the newest member of the Fish Stripes writing crew! Sam will also be a part of the prospect coverage on the team, and he should debut this week. Thanks...

Season Preview: Miami Marlins


The Miami Marlins offseason has me wondering, if they don’t win the division are they a failure? Considering they’ve added talent, and lost none I would say it’s "division or bust". Joan Rivers is jealous at the amount of work the Marlins got this offseason. Not only did they change the team name, but so did their MVP right fielder, and 2011 saves leader. The new, expensive, ballpark in Little Havana is complete, and along with that comes the financial obligation for the franchise to make a lot of money. Step one, change the team name and logo to ensure uniform sales (cha-ching). Step two, hire a fiery new manager that the fans and players can relate to, thus gaining more local and national television interest (cha-ching). Step three, sign the most coveted free agent shortstop to sell more tickets (cha-ching). Finally, step four, make it to the playoffs and reap the benefits of playoff revenue. Check back in September for that one, but it looks promising.

Cool J's Miami


For those not digging the Fish's orange and black official caps. Cool J's has them in White with either red, grey, and black or blue, grey, and black.

Miami Marlins Fire Dancers In Attempt To Join The Major Leagues


In recent years, one of the side effects of the Marlins' poor attendance has been that the team has increasingly gone to minor-league-esque lengths to attract fans to the park. They had no shame,...

PICTURES: Inside Look At The Miami Marlins' New Ballpark


The Miami Marlins have re-branded themselves this offseason, taking on a new name and debuting new uniforms in anticipation of moving into their brand new ballpark in the spring of 2012. Their...

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