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Trip through Thuzio: Marlins edition

There are plenty of former Marlins players who are interested in being at your next event for the right price. If you use the site Thuzio, you can hang out with your favorite former Fish at a nice, hefty cost!

Marlins Park to display more colorful artwork

The Miami Marlins got a lot of flak for the Monstrosity home run sculpture in Marlins Park, but the team has not backed down from its colorful stadium artwork. Here is the latest piece the stadium will feature.

Marlins video: Alvarez's no-hitter highlights

Miami Marlins starter Henderson Alvarez threw a no-hitter on the final game of the 2013 season against the Detroit Tigers. Here are all the highlights.

Marlins video: Fernandez talks about rookie life

Miami Marlins rookie Jose Fernandez sat down with reporter Jesse Sanchez to talk about his experiences in the majors so far, what it would mean to win the Rookie of the Year award, and his life in Cuba before all his success.

Marlins GIF: Fernandez defeats Tulowitzki

Jose Fernandez is no mere mortal. Troy Tulowitzki now understands this.

Video: Christian Yelich's strong Marlins debut

Christian Yelich had an excellent debut for the Miami Marlins last night against the Colorado Rockies, and you can see the highlights here.

#FishStripes: Second Chance Seven Years Later

One of the top prospects in the Chicago Cubs organization back in 2005 gets a second chance to make a Major League appearance thanks to lots of support from a filmmaker and Marlins president David Sampson.

#FishStripes: Rookie Hazing

Rookies showed off more than their play last week in New York as part of tradition that is rookie hazing.

#FishStripes: Winter Already?

A elative of Santa Claus visits Marlins Park while one of the Marlins players is ready for hockey season.

#FishStripes: Dogs, Turtles and Dickie V

Marlins Park helped two kids fulfill their dreams, some lucky dogs were trying to find a new home, a 90's sensation visited the stadium as well as Dick Vitale.


#FishStripes: Swinging Against the West

We're back with our weekly social media report. While the Marlins are battling to get out of the cellar in the NL East, there were some fireworks on the field while others stayed busy off the field.

#FishStripes: Back in the Big Apple

After making their first rounds in April, the Marlins return back to New York where LoMo once took the role of tour guide. Plus, we check in with Marlins Ayudan.

#FishStripes: Moving Around

The Trade Deadline for players means they're losing teammates and gaining new ones. Marlins players took to Twitter to wish warm goodbyes and welcomes to departing and arriving players.

#FishStripes: Give It Back

A fan catches a home run ball at Wrigley Field and can't decide whether to throw it back, because he's a Marlins fan in this week's edition of #FishStripes.

#FishStripes: Plentiful Goodness

In this week's #FishStripes, the Marlins helped out local Miami children by shaving their heads before Saturday night's game.

#FishStripes: Lone Fish

The All-Star Break is finally upon us. The Marlins have Giancarlo Stanton as their lone representative in the All-Star Game, but with his knee injury, he cannot play unfortunately. That won't stop...

#FishStripes: Off Target

Shane Battier visits Marlins Park on June 30 in this week's #FishStripes.

#FishStripes: Miami Love

In this week's #FishStripes, see what other Miami athletes are saying about the Heat winning their second NBA championship in franchise history.

#FishStripes: LoMo Unplugged

#FishStripes: @LoMoMarlins Unplugged - @FSMarlins gives Morrison a mic, he speaks. Need we say more?

#FishStripes: Stars Visit Marlins

Some like to call the city of Miami "L.A. South" for all the celebrities who work, play and visit South Beach. It was sooner or later before fans would see some well-recognized people at Marlins...

The Marlins And Their Hair-Grooming Ways

The Marlins And Their Hair-Grooming Ways. The oddities of Marlins haircuts and facial hair over the years

#FishStripes: Childhood Days and Lil' Jose

#FishStripes: Childhood Days & Lil' Jose - @LoMoMarlins shows fans what he looked like in grade school.

The Giancarlo Stanton Marlins Park Home Run Tour

Giancarlo Stanton uses his home runs at Marlins Park to lead a majestic tour around the stadium.

#FishStripes: Ballpark Problems

From a very powerful organization complaining about one of the features of Marlins Park to Giancarlo Stanton breaking one of the scoreboards of the stadium, the brand-spanking-new venue gets a lot...

#FishStripes: Heating Up

As the weather in South Florida is starting to sizzle just a little bit hotter, so are things off the diamond at Marlins Park. From one interesting figure saying he's done on Twitter to one player...

#FishStripes: Most Interesting Man in Baseball

In this week's edition of #FishStripes, find out who LoMo thinks is the Most Interesting Man in Baseball.

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