2014 Miami Marlins Opinion

Tino Martinez calls Miami Marlins hitters 'soft'

Tino Martinez resigned halfway through last season, and despite a temporary silence, has made known his belief that Miami's hitters are "soft." Martinez was reportedly unpopular with both players...

Spring Training 2014: Marlins missing injury bug


The Miami Marlins have oddly avoided the significant injury bug for most of the 2014 Spring Training season. How does that bode for the team's most important players?

What could Micky Arison bring to the Marlins?


Miami Heat owner Micky Arison has expressed some interest in purchasing the Miami Marlins. If he were able to, how could he help the Marlins following the ownership of Jeffrey Loria?

Marlins don't need to trade Turner, pitchers

The Miami Marlins filled out position players last offseason knowing that their pitching staff was stocked with depth. The team, however, has no need to trade starting pitchers like Jacob Turner...

Henry's comments on Marlins lineup unnecessary


In the first bit of Spring Training gossip of the regular season, the Miami Marlins and Boston Red Sox got into a minor spat that somehow elicited the ire of former Marlins owner John Henry, whose...

Marlins coach Menechino asking for plate patience

The Miami Marlins are looking to improve offensively in any way possible. One way the team is trying is to be more patient at the plate as per new hitting coach Frank Menechino's guidelines. How...

Giancarlo Stanton and the Marlins' fan base


The Miami Marlins will eventually lose Giancarlo Stanton by trade in the next two years. But will this be the straw that breaks the camel's back for the fan base?

The Marlins' plan to retain Giancarlo Stanton


How can the Miami Marlins ever hope to retain Giancarlo Stanton for the long haul?

Fish Stripes Mike Dunn interview


Fish Stripes got a chance to talk to Marlins reliever Mike Dunn about the Spring Training for the Troops event and the upcoming 2014 season for the Miami Marlins.

Reason behind the 2014 Marlins patchwork offseason


The Miami Marlins did a patchwork job on their infield this offseason. Was it the right idea, or could they have done more?

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