Argument in favor of "Defense Wins Championships"?

This was a fascinating article about the Pirates transformation as a team and the snapping of a decades-long losing season streak. Congrats to them and perhaps a lesson to us?

Class in the wake of tragedy

I wanted to share this video for a few reasons. It highlighted how the Nationals handled it with so much class. Hats off to that organization for being citizens of the city. I also found this video particularly interesting because the admiral that is thanking the Nats used to be my captain when I served aboard USS Enterprise. He was and still is a stand up guy.

Ready for some Marlins nostalgia? The entire first Florida Marlins game

The first Florida Marlins game ever is available in it's entirety. Lots of fun to relive that initial excitement.

My interview with Brian of PageQ

560 WQAM down in south Florida has a new blog detailing the funny and the more serious south Florida sports discussion. Here is my interview with Brian. You can check out PageQ Sports here.

Miguel Olivo reinstated, DFA'd

The Miami Marlins have designated C Miguel Olivo for assignment. As you know, Olivo was placed on the restricted list after walking out on the Marlins because they would not give him the ABs they are currently wasting on Jeff Mathis.

All-Star Game Voting

Since today was an off day for the team, I did some random surfing and ended up checking the All Star voting status. It looks like once again, the Giants fans are voting early and often, but is this truly the right system? I don't believe so, but I can't really think of an alternate "good" way. Ideas?

Carlos Lee retires

Former Marlins 1B Carlos Lee is calling it a career.

Potential 2013 Marlins Draft Picks

Posted at, looking at the type of players the Marlins have picked in recent drafts, to identify potential Marlins 2013 draft picks.

Fish Stories: Marlins woes continue...

Being a Marlins fan can be difficult. Anyone that cares about baseball knows this. While I certainly don't know the "answer", here're a few of my thoughts if anyone is interested.

Jose Fernandez's MLB Debut

At 20 years of age, Jose Fernandez made the jump few do from High-A to the major leagues. But you wouldn't have been able to tell by his performance. Feedback welcome.

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