Brian Matijevic



Fish Bites: Marlins' Polanco Brings Leadership

The Miami Marlins will be a young team next year. Regardless, in Placido Polanco along with Juan Pierre, Greg Dobbs, hitting coach Tino Martinez, and manager Mike Redmond, they have veteran...

Fish Bites: Happy Stanton Is Still A Marlin

As Marlins fans, we should be happy that Giancarlo Stanton is still with the team. While he may be the only reason to go to a game in 2013, he remains one of the best players in baseball. Plus...

Fish Bites: Challenge for Marlins Manager Redmond

If Mike Redmond wanted it easy, he could have signed with any other team. But in becoming the new manager for the Miami Marlins, he essentially has little to work with on the field, with a...

Fish Bites: Welcome Back, Juan Pierre

The Miami Marlins are in full overhaul mode having traded another player. Yet one change has been positive, believe it or not. Juan Pierre is back. And there was magic when he last played for...

Fish Bites: The Marlins' New Way Of Doing Business

The Miami Marlins' new philosophy in the 2012 offseason has led to the mass exodus of players from the team, but it has also restocked a depleted farm system. Plus links on Carlos Ruiz, Ryan...

Fish Bites: Are More Moves On The Horizon?

The Miami Marlins completed a major trade with the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday. Coming back this way are young players with promise for the future. But for now, all the Marlins have is a young...

Fish Bites: Miami Marlins Do It Again

The Miami Marlins have done it again, committing another fire sale in their trade with the Toronto Blue Jays. Where will the Marlins go from here? Fish Bites features links on that and Giancarlo...

Fish Bites: Why Pitching Has To Be Priority

The Miami Marlins have holes to fill. In fact, they have too many holes to fill to field a playoff team. However, pitching should still be the number one priority. Plus Marlins links this week...

Fish Bites: Miami Marlins Again In The Spotlight

The Miami Marlins are again in the news as they have dismissed Ozzie Guillen. In a way, a quiet offseason from here on out would not hurt the team. Plus, Fish Bites has links on Guillen, Larry...

Fish Bites: An Idea For a Miami Marlins Manager

When the Miami Marlins make decisions about next year, they should be for the long term. One of those decisions will be about their manager candidate, and Fish Bites has an idea on whom to...

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