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Fish Bites: Miami Marlins Roster Taking Shape

The Miami Marlins' roster is taking shape after a second round of cuts, with only a few competitions left for certain positions. Fish Bites has links on Kevin Kouzmanoff, Kevin Slowey, and prospect...

Fish Bites: Marlins Opening Day Lineup Possibility

The Miami Marlins have options for their starting lineup on Opening Day, and we have just one iteration listed here. Plus links on Giancarlo Stanton, Kolby Copeland, Mike Redmond, and Mark Teixeira.

Fish Bites: Marlins Should Sign Grady Sizemore

It is no secret the Miami Marlins will be evaluating their young talent this season to see who will be part of the long term plan. Why not sign Grady Sizemore? Plus links on Chris Coghlan, no-trade...

Fish Bites: Marlins Begin Spring Training Games

The Miami Marlins are starting games this Saturday against the St. Louis Cardinals. Check out the latest Marlins links including Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Fernandez, Juan Pierre, and more.

Fish Bites: Marlins Young Pitchers Could Surprise

We have seen this movie before. The Miami Marlins are going into another season with quite a bit of youth for starting pitching. And while it portrays to be a long season, these starters have the...

Fish Bites: A Plea to Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria

Jeffrey Loria should allow Mike Redmond to do his job this season as new Marlins manager. Most baseball people feel like Redmond is going to be an excellant big league skipper. Plus links on...

Fish Bites: Why Even Defend Marlins' Offseason?

The Miami Marlins made a number of upsetting offseason moves in recent months, and there simply is no 2013 positive spin. The benefits will all be in the future of this team, not the present. plus...

Fish Bites: For Marlins' Brantly, Future Is Now

Miami Marlins catcher Rob Brantly is going to find out how important it is to stay positive and motivated. He will have the oppotunity to be the everday catcher for this very young ball club. Plus...

Fish Bites: Pierre Will Be Great For Young Marlins

The Miami Marlins are counting on Juan Pierre to be a leader this season. Stealing 50 bags would not hurt. Plus links about Sean West and Michael Wuertz.

Another Day Another Possible Stanton Suitor

If the Miami Marlins are not going to trade Giancarlo Stanton this offseason, they better come out and say once and for all. Because after hearing about how the San Diego Padres might be...

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