2014 Miami Marlins Analysis

Giancarlo Stanton, team success, and RBIs


Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton leads the majors in RBIs, and that shows the value of not only hitting better in 2014, but also having better teammates this season.

Casey McGehee and his bounce back season


The Miami Marlins made a shrewd move signing Casey McGehee to a one-year deal coming out of Japan. Something has changed in McGehee's approach that has helped to make him a surprising success so...

Giancarlo Stanton's quiet May hot streak


Don't look now, but Giancarlo Stanton is in the hunt for serious MVP consideration if he continues his quietly fantastic play from the month of May. Just what has he been doing to destroy pitching...

Jose Fernandez injury: Mechanics pre-/post-injury


Jose Fernandez's attorney claims that his client's mechanics changed after he suffered a line drive to the thigh in the fifth inning of his penultimate start. Is there evidence to support this?

Fernandez injury: Marlins contract impact


The Jose Fernandez injury throws a monkey wrench into a lot of the plans that the Miami Marlins had for the young ace, but one thing that may work in their advantage is the savings they will...

Marlins vs. Dodgers: DeSclafani's tremendous start


The Miami Marlins turned to Anthony DeSclafani for his career Major League start in last night's 13-3 romping of the Los Angeles Dodgers. What did he throw, and how did he do?

Marlins' Desclafani and his rotation impact


In one of the first moves following the potential season-ending injury to Jose Fernandez, the Marlins gave the nod to solid, minor league prospect Anthony Desclafani. Does Desclafani have the...

Fernandez injury: Marlins could not prevent injury


The Miami Marlins handled Jose Fernandez with significant care last season, and his elbow still was mangled enough to require Tommy John surgery. The team took precautions and could not prevent the...

Fernandez injury: Tommy John surgery explained


Miami Marlins starter Jose Fernandez has suffered an undisclosed elbow injury that may require Tommy John surgery. What are these things, and what might they mean for his future?

Fernandez, Marlins set back by elbow injury


Both Jose Fernandez and the Miami Marlins suffer disappointing setbacks thanks to an elbow injury likely suffered in Fernandez's last start. How will either party recover from this?

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