2014 Miami Marlins Opinion

Offseason Fish Food: Greatest Marlins draft pick?

The Offseason Fish Food asks another tough question for Marlins fans: what is the team's best draft pick in history? Who do you think takes the top spot?

Offseason Fish Food: Greatest Marlin in history?

Today, we debut a new feature at Fish Stripes, where we ask a question of interest each publishing day this offseason. Today's Fish Food: who was the greatest player in Marlins history?

Fish Stripes Inbox: Jensen, catchers, and more

Today, we start off answering questions from MLB.com's Joe Frisaro's weekly inbox. What kind of discussions will we have this week?

Miami Marlins: Path To Redemption Is Daunting

Working off of an SB Nation piece, Dakota Schmidt attempts to bring some optimism back to an otherwise depressing scenario.

Fernandez, Sporting News, and Rookie of the Year

Miami Marlins starter Jose Fernandez just won the Sporting News Rookie of the Year award, and there is a good reason why that bodes well for his chances at the official BBWAA Rookie of the Year.

Marlins miss opportunity with Jose Abreu signing

The Miami Marlins missed an opportunity to bring in a potential Cuban star in Jose Abreu, and it was likely due to the team's budget constraints.

History: Reviewing Steve Bartman and the Cubs

Yesterday was the ten-year anniversary of the Steve Bartman incident during Game 6 of the 2003 National League Championship Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Marlins. How does it look from the Marlins' side ten years later?

Jose Abreu: What Exactly Would the Cuban Sensation

A potentially huge asset could be making his way to Miami as the Marlins have expressed a serious amount of interest into Cuban defector Jose Dariel Abreu. The only question that still remains is whether or not that Miami will be willing to exceed th

The Miami Marlins, 100 losses, and me

The Miami Marlins have lost 100 games this year, with a few more games to go. How hard has it been to cover a difficult year like the Marlins' 2013 campaign?

Jeffrey Loria can be chastised, not stopped

Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria has taken over a large amount of front office moves, and while fans and media may not like it, there is no recourse to stop him from doing what he wants with his franchise.

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