2014 Miami Marlins Season Preview

2014 Marlins Season Preview: Solano, Dietrich

With the signing of Rafael Furcal, the Miami Marlins have relegated Donovan Solano to the bench in 2014, while sending Derek Dietrich to develop further in the minors.

2014 Marlins Season Preview: Rafael Furcal

The Miami Marlins will turn to Rafael Furcal, one year removed from Tommy John surgery, to bounce back and deliver a solid age-36 season.

2014 Marlins Season Preview: Baker, Dobbs

The Miami Marlins know that first baseman Garrett Jones will need assistance in manning the position in 2014. How well will Jeff Baker fare as his platoon partner, and what role will Greg Dobbs play next season?

2014 Marlins Season Preview: Garrett Jones

The Miami Marlins opted to replace their incumbent first baseman with some new talent. They chose Garrett Jones, whose talents are best served in a platoon and away from the outfield. How will he manage in Miami?

2013 Miami Marlins Season Preview: Ichthyomancy

The Miami Marlins may be in for a rough 2013 season, but that doesn't mean you cannot enjoy everyone's favorite Marlins prediction contest, Ichthyomancy! The game is back for another season of excitement!

2013 Marlins Season Preview: Why watch the Marlins

The Miami Marlins are not going to put out an excellent product in 2013. By all means, it is going to be a difficult season. So why should fans go out and watch this team next season?

2013 Miami Marlins Season Preview: Wins Prediction

Here at Fish Stripes, we have sat back and projected all of the Miami Marlins' win totals. How well does the team add up in the end? Are the Marlins doomed to a terrible season in 2013?

2013 Marlins Season Preview: Lineup Optimization

The Miami Marlins are starting the regular season with some weak names on their roster, and they will need the best lineup they can write to give them a marginal edge in run scoring. But what is that best lineup?

2013 Marlins Season Preview: Fantasy Baseball

The Miami Marlins may not have a lot of exciting names beyond Giancarlo Stanton, but if you are a fantasy baseball fan, you still need to be familiar with the team in south Florida. Who should you look out for in 2013?

2013 Miami Marlins Season Preview: Bullpen

The Miami Marlins may have to rely on a bullpen with a mix of veteran cast-offs and young, inexperienced players to carry the later part of the games for them in 2013.

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