2014 Miami Marlins Analysis

Spring Training: Position battle report, pitchers

The Miami Marlins have position battles for the fourth and fifth rotation spots and for the eighth inning heading into this 2014 season. Before Spring Training begins, let's see how the battles are shaping up.

When is the right time to trade Giancarlo Stanton?

The Miami Marlins are heading into an inevitable situation: they will have to trade Giancarlo Stanton at some point in the next two years. When is the right time to do this?

Carlos Marmol signing: Marlins optimistic view

The Miami Marlins signed what appeared to be a broken-down Carlos Marmol as their latest relief reclamation project. Here are a few numbers suggesting that this may not be a bad project at all.

Freeman extension: Marlins, Stanton implications

The Miami Marlins were dealt yet another "final blow" in their likely attempts to re-sign Giancarlo Stanton to a long-term contract extension thanks to Freddie Freeman's mammoth eight-year, $135 million pact signed yesterday.

Baker signing: Marlins right in platoon approach

The Miami Marlins may have picked up the wrong parts to a first base platoon, but the approach was the right option given what the team has available to it financially.

Baker signing: Updated Marlins lineup optimization

The Miami Marlins signed Jeff Baker primarily to serve as a platoon partner for first baseman Garrett Jones. What does his addition do to the team's evolving lineup optimization?

Baker signing: Marlins prioritize bench, platoon

The Marlins are prioritizing the team's bench and its platoon situation with Jeff Baker's two-year contract. But are they making another mistake in paying a bench player a significant salary?

2014 Marlins Key to Success: Marcell Ozuna

The Miami Marlins may turn to Marcell Ozuna as one of their keys to rebuild a tattered outfield. Can he accomplish this feat, or will the Marlins have to look to their other main option?

Nathan Eovaldi: A 2014 Marlins Pessimistic View

The Miami Marlins will look to Nathan Eovaldi to provide quality innings and develop in 2014. But what if his weaknesses are too insurmountable and his strength too ephemeral?

Nathan Eovaldi: A 2014 Marlins Optimistic View

The Miami Marlins will once again count on Nathan Eovaldi to deliver on some of his promise show last season. Can he improve on the fiery fastball and deliver a full season of strong pitching?

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