2014 Miami Marlins Analysis

Marlins far from the playoff race in September


The Miami Marlins may think they are still in the playoff race, but given the talent involved and the number of teams in the race, the Fish are looking at a steeper-than-ever climb.

The ceiling of Marlins' strike-pounding starters

The Miami Marlins have four pitchers with strike-pounding tendencies in their starting rotation, but many of them have issues with missing bats. What is the ceiling on those types of pitchers?

No need to be concerned about Nathan Eovaldi


Nathan Eovaldi has had some mediocre starts in the last month, but there really is no need for concern for a guy pitching at perhaps his career best.

Potential Giancarlo Stanton trades: Chicago Cubs

While the ideal scenario in most Marlins fans' minds involves Giancarlo Stanton signing a long-term extension and putting up MVP-caliber numbers for the next 10-12 seasons, this article explores...

Yelich and the Marlins' ideal leadoff man

Christian Yelich may have "fallen" onto the leadoff man role for the Miami Marlins, but he is almost an ideal candidate for the position.

Looking at Jarred Cosart's strike zone dominance


Despite being in the early stages of his Marlins career, Jarred Cosart has already made a huge impact on the team's rotation by his ability to dominate the strike-zone.

The spectrum of Adeiny Hechavarria's 2014 season


Since no one can agree on Adeiny Hechavarria's defensive performance, we can evaluate his 2014 season at different levels of performance based on your own opinions.

Steve Cishek and the nature of relief pitching


Steve Cishek has blown a few saves recently. But is there a problem, or are we blowing a small sample of innings out of proportion?

Miami Marlins fall for Brad Hand's July illusion


The Miami Marlins made a series of personnel moves based in part on an illusion of Brad Hand's performance. He is now showing us his real self again, and it has proven to be as bad as expected.

The Miami Marlins, one-run wins, and success


Recently, the beat writers of the Miami Marlins made a connection between one-run wins and future success, thus linking winnings more games of one type with winning more games. Uh, yeah.


Hechavarria's defense and the scouting challenge


The defense of Adeiny Hechavarria's questionably good defense brings up a most difficult scouting challenge that fans routinely imply they can do without fail.

Exploring the Adeiny Hechavarria schism


There is a contingent of Miami Marlins fans that like Adeiny Hechavarria. There is a contingent of Marlins fans that dislike Hechavarria. What is each side seeing?

Marlins outfield versus the Pirates outfield


The Miami Marlins' outfield has arguably been the best crew of the season, while the Pittsburgh Pirates' outfield houses the reigning MVP and two of the brightest young players in the game. Who you...

Giancarlo Stanton, MVP, and the meaning of "value"

The nebulous meaning of the word "value" in the Most Valuable Player award ultimately determines the chances of Giancarlo Stanton taking the award.

Miami Marlins' Christian Yelich: A balanced star


Amid the fantastic year of Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich is quietly having a star-level campaign by doing all the little things decently.

Marlins' one-run wins not good of future succcess


The Miami Marlins are getting by with one-run wins this season, but that does not bode well for the team as it continues to strive for a playoff spot.

Revisiting the Adeiny Hechavarria defense question


After two months, more data is in on Adeiny Hechavarria's defense and the results still pose serious questions about how effective he is at shortstop.

Stanton's MVP odds tied to Marlins' playoff odds


If the Miami Marlins want to help Giancarlo Stanton earn an MVP, then the team needs to get to winning, because the odds get a lot worse without a playoff appearance.

A modest Jacob Turner comparison


The Miami Marlins traded Jacob Turner for essentially nothing last week. But has he been bad enough to be traded like that? Here's a modest comparison of him with some other pitchers with whom you...

Marlins may have $75 million payroll next season

The Miami Marlins may boast a hefty increase in payroll next season in the team's efforts to surround Giancarlo Stanton with a contending ballclub. What can Miami do with that kind of money?

Jarred Cosart finding the strike zone for Marlins


Jarred Cosart is finding the strike zone more often, which has led to his modest success through two starts with the Miami Marlins.

Cubs and Marlins are building in opposite fashions

The Chicago Cubs are building a future juggernaut behind position player prospects and pitching lottery tickets, including former Marlins starter Jacob Turner. The Fish are building their team in...

Stanton has good chance for 40 homers in 2014


Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton has yet to reach 40 home runs in a single season, but thanks to a recent hot streak of long balls, he is back on track for that mark in 2014.

Marlins hoping Brad Penny finds keys to success


The Miami Marlins will need more from Brad Penny than he showed on Saturday night against the Cincinnati Reds. What can we learn from his past to provide keys to success for him in 2014?

Nathan Eovaldi's scary velocity, again


Miami Marlins pitching coach Chuck Hernandez did something to tweak Nathan Eovaldi's delivery mechanics. The immediate result was a monstrous velocity increase.

Marlins' reasoning for Turner DFA ridiculous


In the eve of the Chicago Cubs claiming Jacob Turner on waivers, the Miami Marlins' decision to put the reliever out there and available seems more and more ridiculous.

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