2014 Miami Marlins Analysis

Steve Cishek and the attrition rate of closers


The Miami Marlins may try to keep Steve Cishek to appeal to Giancarlo Stanton. But would they be making a bad move to bank on a reliever?

Christian Yelich's path to stardom

Gabe Kapler of Fox Sports recently penned a piece on the bright future of Christian Yelich. What does he have to do to improve on his excellent career start?

Trade Deadline: Steve Cishek, Marlins trade asset

The Miami Marlins could make a necessary move this trade deadline and deal Steve Cishek, who is a fantastic reliever but who could get mighty expensive in the coming years.

Trade Deadline: Ian Kennedy, Marlins trade target

The Miami Marlins saw this weekend that they would definitely need help at starting pitching, and Ian Kennedy of the San Diego Padres might be the perfect candidate.

Trade Deadline: Ben Zobrist, Marlins trade target


The Miami Marlins could be buyers trying to fill out their roster heading into the trade deadline, and one target that would be interesting is Ben Zobrist of the Tampa Bay Rays.

All-Star Game: Marlins All-Star player profiles


How did two Miami Marlins standouts get to the 2014 MLB All-Star Game? Let's highlight the seasons of Giancarlo Stanton and Henderson Alvarez, the two Marlins representatives in tonight's contest.

MLB Trade Deadline: Casey McGehee, trade asset


The Miami Marlins have mentioned that they have no interest in trading Casey McGehee in 2014. But he is exactly the sort of buy-low, sell-high asset a team like Miami should utilize.

Steve Cishek has changed his pitching repertoire


Hidden in the success (and recent struggles) by reliever Steve Cishek is the fact that the Marlins closer has changed his approach in a fundamental way.

MLB Trade Deadline: Miami Marlins team needs


The Miami Marlins have certain team needs they could address during the trade deadline season this month. What are the Fish looking to fix on their squad, and what should they be looking to fix?

MLB Trade Deadline: Marlins buyers or sellers?


The 2014 MLB trade deadline approaches at the end of the month, and the Miami Marlins have to answer the question as to whether they are buyers or sellers soon.


The Miami Marlins' fifth starter options


The Miami Marlins do not need a fifth starter until after the All-Star break, and they just got their last necessary start from Brad Hand until after the break. Who are the pitchers who could step...

MLB All-Star Game: The McGehee-Carpenter question


Miami Marlins color commentator Tommy Hutton was mad when presented with a question by Fish Stripes regarding NL All-Star team manager Mike Matheny picking Matt Carpenter over Casey McGehee. Was he...

Heaney demotion: Marlins should not be concerned


Most of the signs heading into Andrew Heaney's last start with the Miami Marlins were positive indicators of better performance going forward. One bad start does not ruin a player's future.

2014 MLB ASG: Handicapping McGehee's Final Vote


Casey McGehee has a chance to make the 2014 MLB All-Star Game as the Final Vote candidate. What is the Marlin's chances of winning? Let's break down the candidates.

2014 Marlins Midseason Report: Still need to know


The Miami Marlins still have question marks for the 2014 season, and the second half figures to answer those questions.

What could the Marlins get for Stanton?

A speculative look at some prospects teams interested in Stanton might offer.

2014 Marlins Midseason Report: What we learned


What have we learned about the Miami Marlins in the first half of the 2014 season? Insight on the team's competitiveness, Giancarlo Stanton, and more.

2014 Miami Marlins Midseason Report: Fielding


The Miami Marlins improved as a team in terms of fielding, but might their imbalance between good outfielders and poor infielders hurt them at some point?

Miami Marlins All-Star Power Rankings, Week 3


The Miami Marlins are still angling for another All-Star inclusion for the Fish beyond Giancarlo Stanton. Who has the best odds as we move closer to the All-Star deadline?

2014 Marlins Midseason Report: Starting pitching


The Miami Marlins have succeeded despite the team's starting pitching, which is the exact opposite of what was expected in 2014.

2014 Miami Marlins Midseason Report: Offense


The Miami Marlins have had a surprisingly successful 2014 season so far, and it has come on the back of an immense offensive comeback from last season.

Hechavarria's injury and Marlins' trade rumors

The Miami Marlins love Adeiny Hechavarria despite his significant struggles at the plate and perhaps with the glove. His latest injury, however, may return him too soon for the Fish to consider...

Nathan Eovaldi and his free-falling strikeouts


Since the beginning of the season, Nathan Eovaldi's strikeout rate has dropped dramatically. What has been the cause of this, and is it hurting his stock?

Marlins All-Star Power Rankings, Week 2


As another week passes, we take a look again at the odds that the Miami Marlins can land other players beyond Giancarlo Stanton into the All-Star Game.

McGehee, Stanton, and lineup protection again


Casey McGehee has been a great addition to the Marlins in 2014, but the talk of providing Giancarlo Stanton "protection" in the traditional sense is still not real.

Marlins own best 2014 outfield in baseball


The combination of Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna, and Christian Yelich is not only the youngest outfield in baseball, but so far has been the best.

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