Miami Marlins trade rumors: Marlins may be interested in David Price

Scott Iskowitz

The Miami Marlins may be seeking a starting pitcher, and the organization reportedly had scouts at David Price's last start. After losing Jose Fernandez, Miami's starting rotation has been inconsistent.

Jose Fernandez and Giancarlo Stanton are nationally known as Miami's stars, but with Fernandez undergoing season-ending Tommy John surgery, the Marlins may be looking to add another notable name. The Tampa Bay Times reported earlier in the week that Miami had a scout at David Price's last start, and could consider making a trade for the Rays' ace.

The Cardinals have been watching the Rays closely recently, the Giants and Dodgers (whom many around baseball consider the favorites for Price) at times. The Braves, especially after Gavin Floyd's injury, seem like a possibility, and maybe there's a surprise candidate, such as the Marlins, who also were scouting Price on Friday. Among other AL teams, the Angels, A's and Indians seem likely candidates.

Price has posted a 3.81 ERA and 3.03 FIP in 115 and two thirds innings. With the offensive struggles of Tampa Bay, the efficiency of Price on the mound has led to a mere 5-7 record. Price is a valuable asset, evident by a 2.5 WAR, but may come at a hefty price.

Since losing Fernandez, the Marlins' rotation has been inconsistent. With the exception of Henderson Alvarez, Miami's starting pitching, specifically the back of the rotation, has had difficulty pitching deep into games. Adding Price would likely give the Marlins another top of the rotation arm that would complement Andrew Heaney well.

Price's overall frustration with the lack of success in Tampa probably makes a trade inevitable, but the Rays would likely require several top prospects in return.

Quantity, such as a five-for-one deal, is a possibility if the Rays deal ace LHP David Price, but they seem more likely to go for quality, seeking a couple of premium prospects to restock their farm system or cost-controlled young big-leaguers.

Justin Nicolino would likely be involved, and Heaney may be requested. Jake Marisnick may also be an option with the Marlins' crowded outfield and the productivity of Christian Yelich before he was placed on the disabled list.

While the Marlins could explore inexpensive options such as Jason Hammel or Ian Kennedy, adding Price would bolster the rotation for a potential playoff push. Miami may not be the favorite to land Price, but with Jeffrey Loria's willingness to open his wallet, an under the radar deal could become a reality.

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