Mechanics of Pitchers

So Fernandez went down.....

I was sifting through articles on Fernandez a couple of weeks ago when I came upon this website:

And I realized the author had a sound argument on why Fernandez went down, because I did notice a subtle change in his mechanics that seemed to have led him to the injury. Shoulder Hike. Puts a lot of pressure in the elbow,shoulders and the general upper body (you can try it at home by pulling back your pitching arm's elbow beyond the shoulder AND have the arm pointed at an angle down to the ground; and it brings a dull sensation to the whole arm shoulder complex).

Then I got curious and looked up 10 young pitchers (mostly prospects) on YouTube. Looked for the general same qualities that were present in Fernandez's mechanics in those pitchers. And the results were surprising:

7 (Heaney, Appel, Gray, Synergaard, Bundy, Zimmer, and Bedrosian) used shoulder hike.

3 (Bradley, Walker, Taillion) did not.

A 7-3 ratio is scary.

I am pretty sure that the 7 pitchers use shoulder hike, although I did not have the best resources (YouTube used).

And don't forget: Zimmer and Syndergaard went down to injuries in their upper bodies in the last couple of days.......

Could the shoulder hike be the reason why elbow/arm/shoulder injuries (and thus, TJ surgeries) are becoming frequent? Do shoulder hike usage and injuries have correlation?

My buddy (angels fan) and I will be conducting further research and will statistically prove/disprove that shoulder hikes and injuries have correlation with each other and will post results during the fall/winter.

We cannot be sure if shoulder hike is the cause of the injuries since there are many confounding variables that could induce injuries to pitchers. But if we can find a correlation, then we may be a step closer to the goal of protecting the pitchers that the MLB is desperately trying to do.

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