MLB Scores: Miami Marlins 2, Washington Nationals 3

Greg Fiume

Bryce Harper hit a three-run homer in the first inning off of Henderson Alvarez, and that was enough to stave off the Miami Marlins for Gio Gonzalez and the Washington Nationals, as the Nats beat the Fish 3-2.

Source: FanGraphs

Attendance: 25.945
Hero of the Game: Ed Lucas (0.239 WPA)
Goat of the Game: Christian Yelich (-0.394 WPA)
Play of the Game: Bryce Harper homered in the first inning. Ryan Zimmerman and Jayson Werth scored. (-0.250 WPA)

It turns out that this game between the Miami Marlins and the Washington Nationals ended during the first inning. Marlins starter Henderson Alvares allowed a single to Ryan Zimmerman and walked Jayson Werth to start the game. Bryce Harper then did what Bryce Harper does to Miami: hit home runs. Harper's three-run shot put the Fish in an immediate hole at 3-1, and the Marlins spent the rest of the game coming close but falling just short of catching up.

The Fish jumped out to an early lead thanks to a Donovan Solano double and a single by Ed Lucas. Lucas came up big for much of the game, as he put up three hits and got on base four times on the evening. Unfortunately, behind Lucas, Christian Yelich struggled mightily. Yelich had a no-hit night in five plate appearances. Beyond that, he failed to get hits in two critical situations in the game. In the third inning, Solano and Lucas both got aboard again with singles, but Yelich grounded into a double play to crush the inning and cost the Marlins 12 percent of a win. Yelich also found himself at the plate with runners on first and second in the final plate appearance of the game, but he also failed to pull off a hit to tie the game.

The only other run the Marlins scored came from a Justin Ruggiano double (or "half-homer" in Marlins colloquialism) following a GIancarlo Stanton double. Both Stanton and Ruggiano also drew a walk in the third before Placido Polanco failed to drive the runners in for the second time in that inning.

The Marlins will look to recover tomorrow night in Washington.

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