Miami Marlins trade rumors: Larry Beinfest receiving calls on Nolacso, bullpen

Jason Arnold

According to President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest, the Marlins have received more calls in recent days in regard to available players. Ricky Nolasco is one of the key names who is likely to be dealt.

After getting a no decision in his most recent start against the San Francisco Giants, Miami Marlins starter Ricky Nolasco continues to be dominant at AT&T Park. Nolasco has posted a 4-0 record with a miniscule earned run average when facing the Giants in their home ballpark.

Before the July 31 trade deadline, Nolasco could be dealt. A team that is supposedly interested is the Giants, who play in a ballpark that Nolasco has pitched consistently well in.

According to an American League source familiar with the situation, the Marlins really want to get a deal done and are not going to mess around once they get an offer they like.

"They don't screw around," the source said to the Sun-Sentinel. "The second they get the deal they like they'll do it."

President of Baseball Opereations Larry Beinfest recently said that the number of calls the Marlins received is significantly lower than the number that they have made. According to Beinfest, each team has a set June routine.

"June is kind of weird," Beinfest said in an interview with the Sentinel. "Some teams want to get out in front and do things. Other teams want to wait because they're not sure where they're at, so it's a lot of hit and miss. I can't tell you we're making a lot of calls, but there are calls coming in, which is normal for this of year."

Although a lot of the calls are likely in reference to Nolasco, there could be teams calling about others as well. Despite the fact that the Marlins might be hesitant to trade bullpen arms, Mike Dunn and Ryan Webb are two relievers who could be dealt.

As a result of his production of late, there is a possibility the Marlins might get calls about Juan Pierre as well. Pierre has shown that he can still play a decent left field and has recently been successfully atop Miami's lineup.

One of the more interesting players to follow will be Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton still has several years of arbitration in his future.

Beinfest also noted that at this time of year, several teams call just because they want to know who is available. From there, deals could then begin to form.

"Mostly incoming calls and mostly the same like it is every year. 'We're checking in. We're not sure what we're doing yet.' Or, 'We're checking in, we want to do this, but the price is too high this time of year.' It's the same stuff as every year."

While some teams might wait to complete a deal, the Marlins have always been an organization that gets deals done quickly. If Nolasco is traded in the coming weeks, it will most likely be the same way.

"We've always been, 'If this is what we'd like to do and it's there, why wait?," Beinfest said.

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