Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League: Update #3

Fans cannot get enough of the Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball League. They can, however, get enough of Juan Pierre. - USA TODAY Sports

The Fish Stripes Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball league continues, with LeBron Bats Cleanup? slowing down enough for one contender to pull within 100 points of the leader. Can the Hungry Boars catch up?

What a difference one week makes in the Fish Stripes Fantasy Baseball League!

Fish Stripes reader willmueller's LeBron Bats Cleanup? team is still in the lead, but a new contender has brought himself within 100 points of the season-long leader. How do the Hungry Boars match up?

Rank Team Points Pts Change Pts Back Waiver Moves
1. LeBron Bats Cleanup? 2770.33 78.00 - 7 8
2. Hungry Boars 2692.33 165.66 78.00 9 9
3. Jigokusabremetrics 2486.00 84.33 284.33 8 12
4. Urban Achievers 2482.33 108.00 288.00 4 15
5. Incidentalomas 2417.33 56.66 353.00 2 5
6. Ehsan 2289.33 44.00 481.00 1 -
7. FIP Stripes 2260.67 76.00 509.66 10 8
8. HackensackBarbarians 2195.33 85.00 575.00 5 6
9. Kelly's Crushers 2156.67 100.34 613.66 11 9
10. Almagro Dynamo 2035.67 67.00 734.66 3 3
11. Team 'Merica 1988.67 122.67 781.66 6 5

The Hungry Boars, led by reader Plaz, are clicking thanks to some excellent offensive balance and one of the best pitchers in the National League. No one on their position players side has over 200 points (11 players have hit that mark so far this season), though surprise success Jean Seguera is closing in at 196 points and sitting 12th in the league among position players. The Boars are also led by depth on their pitching staff, as all but two of their pitchers have more than 100 points thus far. Of course, it also helps to have 268 points from Clayton Kershaw, who is second in the league in points thus far on the pitching side.

Jigokusabremetrics and the Urban Achievers round up the top four, with my Incidentalomas team in a distant fifth in the league. My club has struggled to figure out where they are going to get pitching, as the rotation has not worked out well to start the year. That and injuries to players like Zack Greinke have not helped at all.

How will the league play out? Tune in every week for updates right here at Fish Stripes!

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