What will be the Miami Marlins now in 2014? Rounding out the active roster

We are starting with the starting infield of the near future, we have the starting infield for the near future, but there been many changes and progress of players who are no more. We have the arrival of Marcell Ozuna and the rehabilitation of Adeiny Hechavarria but more bad moves are on the way he was told or we were told of Nick Green expected designation to make room for Adeiny Hechavarria. Let's start the analysis.

Our starting First Baseman of the near future who started the season on the DL will come off the DL in the coming months. This was expected. Casey Kotchman and Joe Mahoney who are also on the DL but played for Logan Morrison. Greg Dobbs who is signed through 2013 could be expected to be free agent in 2014. Let's see what we got till end of active roster. Logan Morrison will be expected to pickup his arbitration in 2014.

1. Logan Morrison 1B L L 6'4" 235 8/25/1987 2014 Age 27

Our starting catcher of the near future Rob Brantly is already here on the active roster but the starting catcher of the near future J.T. Realmuto is struggling in the minors. His next arbitration comes in 2016, plenty of time to view.

2. Rob Brantly C L R 6'2" 188 7/14/1989 2nd Year Player 2014 Age 25

Some Marlins fans don't see it as Logan Morrison as our First Baseman, but there's a cloud of smoke appearing, some Marlins fans might see someone else at First Base. As for Second Base we have Donovan Solano he had no clear shot at Second Base with Omar Infante on the roster now he does. Instead of waiting for Avery Romero in 2016 we need to build a championship team for 2014, 2015. Probably a trade for a Second Baseman not minor league prospects who lost their way. A major league veteran. Solano arbitration doesn't come till 2016, so we must keep him till then.

3. Donovan Solano 2B R R 5'9" 190 12/17/1987 3rd Year Player 2014 Age 27

Derek Dietrich is our starting Third Baseman of the near future as we see a promotion to New Orleans in mid-minor league season. After 55 games of play Placido Polanco is 37 now we must say goodbye; for now will let him play. His major league service time hasn't started.

4. Derek Dietrich 3B L R 6'1" 200 7/17/1989 Rookie 2014 Age 25

Adeiny Hechavarria placed on the DL made some room for veteran utility infielder Nick Green and he's the player helping the team to score runs and the "lungnuts" wants to take him off the 40 Man Roster. Hechavarria is signed through 2013 his next arbitration is coming in 2016.

5. Adeiny Hechavarria SS R R 5'11" 180 4/15/1989 2nd Year Player 2014 Age 25

We have completed our starting infield of the near future. Next is the starting outfield for the near future. Don't have time to complete 2014 active roster. Have to be somewhere.

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