Time for some bold moves or hold on until reinforcements arrive?

The Marlins have pretty much been a freak show up to this point in the season. The offense has been anemic while the starting pitching is holding its own. I think we can all agree that a 5-17 record is not an acceptable start to the season. Certainly there is reason for optimism considering the rash of injuries the Marlins have endured early in the season, but the major problem is a lack of depth in the upper minors and major league team. The organization can be patient and hope that the return of Morrison, Hech, Eov, Alvarez, Kotchman, and Mathis will kick start the team, but certainly they need to start thinking about making some serious changes. In this vein, I wanted to compile a list of players that are either blocked or maybe even undervalued by certain teams that could be acquired for minimal return and maybe push the team in the right direction.

Michael Taylor: Oakland A's: Taylor is off to a nice start for Sacremento. His ops is 1.111. Oakland's outfield is completely full at the moment and Taylor, at age 27, is too old to still be toiling in the minors.

Daric Barton: Oakland A's: We all know the deal with Barton. The guy takes a bunch of walks and plays good defense. The power just never seemed to show up. He's also 27 and probably doesn't fit into Oakland's plans with Moss and Smith taking on duties at DH and 1B.

Kila Ka'aihue : Diamondbacks: Kila seems to be back to his mashing ways. He is stuck behind Goldschmidt in Arizona and probably will never get a legit chance as a full-time player. He is still only 29 and the guy can hit.

Charlie Blackmon: Rockies: Blackmon has done nothing but hit throughout his career. The Rockies outfield is pretty much set so he could certainly be made available. He currently has an ops of 1.093 in AAA.

All of these players would provide, what I believe, would be an immediate upgrade over the current roster. They are older guys, but have very good track records throughout their minor league careers. Maybe it's not time to completely panic, but it's for sure time to start thinking about making this team better. What say you? Any players you would like to see the Marlins target considering their limited resources?

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