2013 Miami Marlins Season Review

2013 Marlins Season Review: Other first basemen

The Miami Marlins did not rely on too many other players at first base in 2013, but the ones whom they did play did not perform well either.

2013 Marlins Season Review: Logan Morrison

The 2013 season was an important year for Miami Marlins first baseman Logan Morrison, and he failed to perform up to par for a second straight year.

2013 Marlins Season Review: Jeff Mathis

The Miami Marlins turned to Jeff Mathis when Rob Brantly could not handle the catcher's job. Mathis in turn delivered a typically Mathis performance.

2013 Marlins Season Review: Rob Brantly

The Miami Marlins expected Rob Brantly to continue taking steps forward, but the first-year catcher struggled in all aspects of the game and saw himself demoted by midseason.

2013 Marlins What Went Right: Cishek and the pen

Like the Miami Marlins' starting pitchers, Steve Cishek and the rest of the 2013 bullpen were among the positives the club had in 2013.

The 2013 Marlins and worst historical offenses

The Miami Marlins had one of the worst offenses in baseball history in 2013. How bad was it, and how far back do you have to go to see a worse performance?

2013 Marlins What Went Wrong: Offense

The Miami Marlins' offense in 2013 was among the worst in league history, as no player on the team could find a rhythm with the bat.

2013 Marlins What Went Right: Starting rotation

The Miami Marlins had Jose Fernandez anchoring the starting rotation in 2013, but the emergence of Nathan Eovaldi and Henderson Alvarez as potential supporting members was a positive.

2013 Marlins What Went Wrong: Giancarlo Stanton

The Miami Marlins offense faltered in 2013, but its best player, Giancarlon Stanton, was part of the problem rather than the solution in 2013.

2013 Marlins What Went Right: Jose Fernandez

The magical season of Jose Fernandez was the best part of the 2013 season for the Miami Marlins.

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