Lovely...who's next to go?

Don't get me wrong folks, as much as I know Hanley was a cancerous tumor on this team (hence why Dan Uggla had to set him straight twice during his tenure here), but the idea that the face of the franchise is no longer there, makes me fear for the future. Giancarlo Stanton will probably take Hanley's place in that regard, but that's only if he doesn't disappear soon too.

We traded Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante away to Detroit for...what exactly? The last time we made a trade to Detroit, we sent Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis over there and got the likes of Andrew Miller, Cameron Maybin, and Mike Rabelo...boy that worked like a charm didn't it folks? Now we supposedly got a top prospect in return...can someone explain to me why I'm not impressed? Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin were supposed to be top prospects. Well Miller couldn't throw a strike if his life depended on it, and Maybin panned out after leaving us and winning a starting job in San Diego. Great, that worked out then...for the wrong team.

Now we sent Randy Choate, who was one of our best and most consistent relievers, and Hanley Ramirez, the face of our franchise, however ugly he may be, to the Dodgers for two people I've never heard of before. And this happens almost immediately after sending our top third baseman prospect Matt Dominguez away to the Astros.

Now while that particular trade seems to be panning out alright, Carlos Lee is quite honestly a rental and will not be back in my opinion. Now while I don't have the sense for numbers that our beloved Michael Jong has, I do have the eye test which any fan can have. And I don't like what I'm seeing. There have been statements saying that this isn't a firesale...really? What do you call listening to offers for any player, with the possible exception of Giancarlo Stanton? Sounds like a firesale to me.

Now...let's look at what else is happening here. As of right now, we have no third baseman, I don't count Greg Dobbs because he's primarily a bench player. We have no second baseman/center fielder depending on where Ozzie Guillen (don't even get me started on him) plays Emilio Bonifacio. I'm making a wild guess here and I'm gonna say that Big Z is next to go, and I earnestly hope I'm wrong about that, I'd like to see Big Z play in Miami for years to come.

The biggest issue I have, is that all the players who are weighing us down, are still here. Hanley, when he wants to be, can be a superstar, so we didn't lose or gain much in the same breath. John Buck, who had an all star season for Toronto before signing with us, has been a total and complete let down ever since signing here in Florida/Miami (how does that Pudge idea sound now? Too bad he retired before someone signed him) and something else, whenever I hear the name John Buck now, I honestly wanna puke. He's worthless and we can't lose him.

Heath Bell...heh, what the heck happened to him? He was supposed to be a shutdown closer...what happened? Did the Miami humidity ruin his mojo? Now we're stuck with him for three and a half more years, and I can guarantee no one will make an offer for him.

I dunno what else to say, I really don't. The Miami Marlins were over before they even got started. Mr. Loria, Mr. Beinfest, have you no patience? You're picking apart your team before the first year is even over. All I can say is this, you better make a big splash before the deadline is have a lot of making up to do when Free Agency comes around again.

Maybe find a way to sign a new catcher? That'd be nice. Better bullpen would be pretty good, we need a new lefty specialist since you traded Choate for what again? Oh yeah, zilch. Michael Jong's numbers might say otherwise, but with all due respect to him, sometimes numbers do lie. Ask Tom Brady who's lost two Super Bowls to Eli Manning, who is by no means an elite QB.

We need to find a way to get a winning team back together. If that means taking apart the coaching staff, that's fine. But don't destroy the team you worked so hard to get. We've got Reyes, who for some reason has fizzled, but I get a feeling he'll eventually snap out of it. We've got Buehrle, who at times has been shaky, but has been our most consistent starter (besides Anibal who's gone now) since the season started. We've got Carlos Zambrano, who I pray will be signed to a new contract when the season ends, because since signing on with Miami, he's become my favorite player. JJ's having an off year, that's ok, he's JJ, he'll bounce back. Still got Giancarlo and Bonifacio, they're impact players. These are the players we need to protect.

So with all that being said, I ask the inevitable question...of all the players I just mentioned...who's next to go?

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