Weekly Ichthyomancy Update: July 15-21

Another week goes by, another depressing set of games for the Miami Marlins, but also another week of Ichthyomancy passes. This week, we saw some of the regulars establish themselves as threats for the second half Ichthyomancy championship as well, so let us see how the week and season so far have shaped up.

First, let us once again start off with the overall season standings.

Top Ten Leaderboard

FishStriper Points
SuperRadz 80
Jigokusabre 79
Jeremy Hulme 76
dgriot 56
oladipo_for_mayor 51
whambam 32
mblally 29
Marlon D 28
d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n. 26
Andrew Townes 18

SuperRadz and Jigokusabre are still right next to each other, with only one point separating the two this late into the season. As SuperRadz mentioned last week, his vacation over the All-Star Break cost him some points, but he has had the ability to nail picks and bounce back considerably in the past. Jeremy Hulme rode a four-point game this week to pull him within four of the lead as well.

Weekly Top Ten Leaderboard

FishStriper Points
Jeremy Hulme 9
Marlon D 7
mblally 6
SuperRadz 5
Jigokusabre 4
whambam 4
Andrew Townes 1
dgriot 1
oladipo_for_mayor 1

Jeremy nailed a couple of Attendance picks and had a good four-point game which allowed him to get ahead of Marlon D and mblally for the Weekly Ichthyomancy Championship. Marlon D and mblally put up strong weeks though, as they continue to battle to see which one of the two will be the next to end up with 30 Ichthyomancy points for the season.

Congratulations Jeremy Hulme, you are this week's Weekly Ichthyomancy Champion.

Second Half Leaderboard

FishStriper Points
Jigokusabre 16
Jeremy Hulme 14
whambam 12
Andrew Townes 10
Marlon D 7
SuperRadz 7
mblally 6
dgriot 4
kjt1027 3
oladipo_for_mayor 1

Jeremy's good week has pulled him to within two of the second half lead, but the leader remains Jigokusabre, who had an acceptable Ichthy week as well and is holding onto the crown for now. whambam and Andrew Townes are also in double-digits for the second half, signaling potential good things. And who knows, maybe whambam will finally nail one of his depressingly negative AAB picks!

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