Marlins (Reportedly) Fail to Sign 1st Rounder Heaney

Per Juan C Rodriguez Twitter

Confirmed report that will not be signing first-round pick Andrew Heaney. Wanted $2.8M. Team offered $2.6M

The deadline to sign draft picks is tomorrow (Friday 7-13) and it appears that the Marlins have failed to sign their 1st round pick. A college Junior from Oklahoma state, Andrew Heaney can either choose to go to an Indy-Ball team or to return to School.

Another interesting note...well note(s) from Jim Callis

One more Heaney thought: If don't sign him, may not be able to sign 3rd-rder Avery Romero either.

Re Heaney: are known for hardline negotiating. I can't really see them walking away from the No. 9 overall pick.

The marlins could be prevented from signing Romero because if the Marlins fail to sign Heaney...they lose the draft allotment from the 1st round under the new CBA. The Marlins would have less money to sign Romero W/o facing the new draft Penalties that consist of extra Taxes and in extreme cases loss of future draft picks. Had Heaney signed for under the 1st round Allotment, the extra money could be used to sign Romero...but that no longer seems to be the case.

Though it appears to be the Marlins will not sign Heaney, Callis also speculates it is possible a deal is still worked out...but it appears to be unlikely at this point.

Should the Marlins fail to sign Andrew Heaney they will receive the 10th overall pick in 2013 in addition to whatever pick they earn by their end of season record.

This part is completely my opinion but I never really was a huge fan of Andrew Heaney, admittedly I've never seen him pitch live or anything...but I don't really care for College draft picks. ( Not as much upside as a similarly skilled HS player. In the Marlins case I believe they drafted a College pitcher in the 1st round to make it easier to sign the HS players they drafted in later rounds as a College player has less leverage than a HS player that likely has a college commitment and should sign for a lesser bonus.

But that's also "should" sign for a lesser bonus...Clearly in the case of Andrew Heaney he isn't willing to sign for that lesser of a bonus and he's found some leverage to use against the Marlins organization with Indy-ball. In some ways bucking the generalizations of College vs. HS draftees.

So I guess on this day of July 12 2012 we can already tell that the Marlins will have a strong 2013 draft class...or at least that seems to be the optimistic outlook.

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