Fish Stripes Pick 6 Leaderboard and Discussion Thread, 05/09/12

Here we are once again with another day of SB Nation's Pick 6 starting in just another hour. To whet your appetite about today's potential picks, we here at Fish Stripes would like to recap the events of last evening's Pick 6 escapades and display the overall leaderboard for yet another day of picks.

First, let's start with last night's leaderboard.

Rank Player Points
1 mblally 103.5
2 kjt1027 53.2
3 EricW 50.1
4 d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n. 44.6
5 Brian Mati 36.1
6 mice day 34.5
7 cpmustangs13 31.7
8 SuperRadz 31.3
9 Jigokusabre 27.0
10 Miami Marlins 2012 26.9

The presence of mblally solely at the top and raking in a monstrous 103.5 points to put himself in the thick of the top five overall leaderboard for the site is quite an interesting one. Of course, if you saw the highlights from last night's games, you will figure out that mblally was probably the only person who took Josh Hamilton and benefited from his amazing four-homer game. A good number of the rest of us went with Giancarlo Stanton, only to be rewarded with a -3 point outing.

Here's the overall top five leaderboard.

Rank Player Points
1 cpmustang13 269.9
2 Miami Marlins 2012 261.4
3 mice day 248.8
4 mblally 213.5
5 JLR04 207.5

As you can see, mblally's monster day catapults him into the top five leaderboard for the site. The two leaders atop the board, cpmustang13 and Miami Marlins 2012, are still battling neck-a-neck. Frequent commenter on the game threads bronzeagle was here just yesterday, but he dropped to sixth place after this ditty:


I’m just bad….I almost played Hamilton…then changed my lineup…now -19.7

A -20 point night will crush dreams, or at least drop you significantly in the standings. I myself had a 21-point evening yesterday and pulled myself over 100 points, but I still have a long way to go to catch up to everyone and I may need an absolute monster game like Hamilton's yesterday to pull myself towards the leaders because of my early inaction in the game.

Come by and drop your picks with us and discuss the day's games as they unfold here!

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