Fish Stripes Ichthyomancy Recap for April / Early May

May 6, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Jose Reyes is applauding the fact that you are getting in on Fish Stripes's Ichthyomancy contest! Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

If you are like me, you love the Miami Marlins. And if you love the Miami Marlins, you must love Fish Stripes! And if you love Fish Stripes, part of the reason is almost assuredly Ichthyomancy! As the Marlins continue their season, Ichthyomancy is in full swing, with two main competitors out in front and a slew of other players within reach!

Let's take a look at the leaderboard as of yesterday, May 8.

FishStriper Points
SuperRadz 26
marlinsfan315 24
dgriot 12
Jigokusabre 12
2 others 11

And here is the full leaderboard.

Player Points
SuperRadz 26
marlinsfan315 24
dgriot 12
Jigokusabre 12
oladipo_for_mayor 11
redfive 11
whambam 10
Marlinfan 9
d.o.g.o.b.g.y.n. 8
Marlon D 7
BacksThePack 6
FishFirst 6
MFriendly 6
miramarjuice 6
soybeer 6
GoNuckingFuts 5
bronzeagle 4
colombo259 4
jrsyeagle 4
kjt1027 4
mblally 4
Mr. Bananas 4
ocelotfox 4
deesome 3
lorenzo619 3
WhatsHisFace305 3
Gatorfan4Life 2
hurricane 2
toledomudhen 2
Brian Mati 1
BULLieving in Miami 1
flmarlins7 1
Terrence Hunley 1
ThePalomino 1
Zag 1

Right off the bat, we see quite a few familiar names in the annals of Ichthyomancy and Fish Stripes. Two former winners of Ichthyomancy, Hurricane and dgriot, are in. A number of other regulars of the old regime of the site are here, along with a number of new readers that came by around my time.

At the top of the leaderboard, we see two players standing out neck-a-neck for the early lead. SuperRadz and marlinsfan315 have been on an early-season roll, and they have a clear lead over competitors dgriot, Jigokusabre, oladipo_for_mayor, and redfive at 12 and 11 points. Of course, given how easily just one good night on Ichthyomancy can change things around, it cannot be expected that they can hold off the charge of the others throughout what looks to be a long and grueling Ichthyomancy season. The competition really is just heating up.

And there will be more to Ichthyomancy as we progress through the year. As always, Ichthy will be active during the All-Star Break, both for the All-Star Game and the Home Run Derby. In addition to the extra points potentially available there, there will also be a fun incentive to up the ante with Ichthyomancy throughtout the season: Double Ichthy games! Yes, games of particular meaning or interest will be made as Double Ichthy games, meaning that double the usual points will be offered for that game. This goes for all aspects of Ichthyomancy, which means that a typical three-point Above and Beyond prediction can net you six points and power-boost you to contention! Of course, Double Ichthy also comes with a price: non-attendance incorrect predictions are worth -1 points. As a result, it is important for players to stay tuned to any and all games, as a particularly impressive pitching matchup or division rivalry game could be the difference between the lead and the back of the pack!

Finally, I will be keeping track from now on of correct predictions for each category so that you guys can see just how many Attendance or Hero of the Game picks you have made correctly. Alternately, I can offer those as point breakdowns rather than just wins in order for you to see how well you did in terms of points in each category. It is up to you guys.

Ichthyomancy is only just getting started, and with all the possible options to pick up a lot of points, there is no reason for you to stay on the sidelines. Get in on the game starting tonight! If you want a rules refresher, check out this piece, and get started on the game threads each and every night!

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